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::::::BE AWARE::::::

Please be aware that our photos are very good of my art, but you must remember that we use a high MP camera to take the photos of the art and then placed in our computer then sent to our web designer and then she places on the net, to our site. But along every step of the way there is some deterioration of the photo of my work. So for the ones that try to copy and then print, my God the deterioration will even be more deteriorated. Our prints are done by a high quality printer so your print will look as good as our original piece with no deterioration. Many buyers of my work can testify to this. If your a true lover of art why would one settle for a very distotate copy when you can get an original or a high resolution print from the artist.


FINE ART in Pastels, Oils, & Acrylics.
l do Landscapes, wildlife, domestic pets,birds
And yes pet portraits.


Welcome to my site l'm Lynn Seguin l hope you enjoy my beautiful CREATIONS.
l live in the capital of CANADA which is very close to the Great St.Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes. l'm located in so much natural beauty such a great place for an artist with beauty everywhere you go.

l'm a self taught artist watching so many great artists l've developed my own style. In school l walked out with about 98 in art every year l took it.In doing nature l try to catch the real look of the subject be it a cat, dog or bird.




l start painting in Acrylic about 20 years ago and then moved to oils, and today l love pastels. l find pastels easier to achieve greater detail in my work for me as an artist. As an artist l love beauty of nature the way a bird looks the look in a big cats eye the love in the eye of a pet looking at their owner. Beauty is everywhere as an artist we are trained to look for it. And l try to capture their beauty so the beholder can see forever.

Being a top breeder of Himalayans and Chocolate Persians l have many subjects to use. However l can do most pets dogs, cats, rabbits etc.

For Pet Portions l need a couple of good photos of the pet you wish to have done. If interest in a great memory of you pet get in touch with me and l'll set you up a price and answer your questions. Believe me being a cat breeder l loss some of my babies and just love to have that special keep sake of my special babies.

l hope you enjoy my site and see the beauty of my world through my eyes. Also being a breeder of rare colored cats l do look for rarities in nature and try to capture their rare beauty for all to see, such as the rare colored sport horses, and white lions and White Tigers. Mother Nature is truly the greatest artist..

You can buy my original works or buy a print or 2 it really is up to you. Today with the money being what it is many buyers buy a print no problem just let me know. Prices include shipping unless overseas, payment is very easy in Paypal or by E Transfers if your Canadian.



Lynn Seguin



l'm on the right with Ben's Mom she has past since the photo but we use to Paint together, miss her so much. Great memories of painting together with her cousin. 


Here l am again on the right with my best friend Brenda Frame and my husband Ben showing our beautiful cats near Toronto, Ontario in 2017. This was a great day with friends and our beautiful babies many of which are the subjects of my art..


Here is my first portrait of a person my beautiful niece
Jade. Skin tones are extremely difficult to get correct.
But everyone thinks this piece turned out great.

Here l am presenting our friend Jean with a portrait
of his beautiful dogs, at his last show before he retires.
What better gift could you give someone then their loved pets.
Some thing that will give him great memories in so many ways.