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Support Artist

::::::BE AWARE::::::

Please be aware that our photos are very good of my art, but you must remember that we use a high MP camera to take the photos of the art and then placed in our computer then sent to our web designer and then she places on the net, to our site. But along every step of the way there is some deterioration of the photo of my work. So for the ones that try to copy and then print, my God the deterioration will even be more deteriorated. Our prints are done by a high quality printer so your print will look as good as our original piece with no deterioration. Many buyers of my work can testify to this. If your a true lover of art why would one settle for a very distotate copy when you can get an original or a high resolution print from the artist.

Purchasing in these days are very easy through Paypal or you can go by old school money orders for my mailing info email me.

You can buy my original works or buy a print or 2 it really is up to you. Today with the money being what it is many buyers buy a print no problem just let me know.

Prices include shipping unless overseas, payment is required, it is very easy either with Paypal or by E Transfers if your Canadian. l keep my banking in my maiden name Lynn Lachapelle and send to the email address below. Also tell me what page the item is on and which number is on the item. One must also remember that you can use your credit card through paypal. Click on the link below for paypal please.




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